The result of a ten-week class titled “Design Performance” taught by Sinclair Smith was a suite of design interactions called Mission CtrlMission Ctrl, which took place during Design Week 2014 at Wanted Design was a collaborative effort of 16 students from the Products of Design MFA at the School of Visual Arts.

Mission Ctrl aims to foster communication between vendors at Wanted and visitors. Traditionally, those displaying work at the show are confined to their booths waiting for people to engage with their work. Mission Ctrl acts as a social lubricant between those displaying work and those viewing it. This suite of interventions took inspiration from digital social behaviors and turned them into physical, analog experiences.



Wanted design guests were encouraged to communicate with the rest of the crowd through a messaging system titled #POST. This series of vertical signs travelled throughout the space and stuck out above the crowds. As a response to our desire to communicate quickly and to the masses, #POST acts as an analog "tweet" in real space and time. 

The execution of #POST was delivered in several forms.

#FOLLOW is a nod to celebrating trends. Here, students gathered in clusters and literally follow a Wanted visitor around with a custom sign that expresses his or her trend-setting qualities until that person notices what is happening. All in good fun.


#PRESS turns an immediate thought into a labor of love. Modeled after a letterpress, the messages created at #PRESS take time and care and the stamping tool delivers a visually unique message each time.

#SNAP is a self-destructing message delivered through #POST. These time based messages live for a brief 20 seconds, encouraging visitors to take risks and voice their opinions.

#PORTAL physicalizes the digital experience of “logging in.” By stepping through the #PORTAL each visitor is surprised by a unique sound triggered by internal sensors that lets them know they have officially arrived.