This book is inspired by a previous work of its author Elisa Werbler. The original work titled “Blank Slate” is an artifact that borrows its form from the familiar and utilitarian tape measure, but leaves the tape itself empty as a way for its user to interpret and fill in its content as they wish.

This series of seven unique books titled “What’s Mine is Yours,” is part sticker book, part workbook. Each individual book gets its namesake from a set of vintage scratch-’n-sniff stickers inserted into the back of the sticker portion. Titles include Bubblegum, Cherries, Chocolate, Limes, Peaches, Pickles and Root Beer. The sticker book is composed of seven color-coded sheets of stickers that document objects of sentimental value belonging to the author. These objects were acquired through relatives, purchased at flea markets and obtained as gifts. By turning these tokens of time into stickers, the objects that they represent are given a new life as the user composes narratives around them.

The inspiration for this project came from the scratch-‘n-sniff sticker collection itself. Scent is said to be the strongest sense tied to memory. The inclusion of scent is designed to trigger childhood memories in this interactive book series. 


Hand printed and bound by Elisa Werbler