In Collaboration with Makeshift Society Brooklyn and Lucy Knops during a Residency in the Summer of 2014.

The Foam Agency loves foam. Traditionally, insulation foam has worked hard to prevent drafts and keep moisture out of your walls, but recently we have noticed a disturbing trend of foam being used elsewhere. Artists and designers have adopted this incredible material as a tool for expressing their ideas because of its low cost and high flexibility. From beautifully articulated hand crafted models to full scale architectural mock-ups, rigid foam has become an integral part of the making process.

TFA was created in 2014 to ensure the longevity and celebration of foam as a wall material. The mission of TFA is to rescue scraps of foam from around our community and bring them together to take on a second life as wall insulation.


TFA was created to execute an exciting project with Makeshift Society Brooklyn that celebrates all of the wonderful properties of foam. The project uses foam as insulation but not without having gone through the hands of creatives first. We are returning foam to its original habitat!

Housed in a transparent wall, our reclaimed foam will showcase the many talents and ambitions of the design community, while continuing to do its job as an insulator. Why hide the most dynamic of materials? We are showcasing foam that has already lived an exciting life, foam that has been sawn into pieces, shaped with hot-wire cutters, hacked away with a rasp or sanded down with 600 grit sandpaper.

All of the foam collected by TFA for “An Insulation Installation” will be catalogued and the story of its journey will be recorded for the ages.