A digital component to Elisa's Master's Thesis titled "Things."

Trappings is a mobile application that helps create positive habits and behaviors in regards to your personal things. It helps you battle the internal dialogue brewing in your mind as you deliberate on the status of your stuff. 

It starts by asking you targeted questions about your things, such as “What is your favorite article of clothing?” or “What is your most prized possession?” These answers are then used throughout the process as a metric to elicit an emotional response to other items. The user goes through a series of questions for each unique item that they are having a hard time making a decision about, and the application helps them get to a response. For example, you would start by clicking on the question “Should I Buy This?” when confronted with a new purchase.

You can also create a wish list. It keeps track of how long each item has been on your wish list and periodically asks you if you still want it there. Trappings tracks your responses and gives you feedback on your answers. By visualizing your journey through each set of questions the user can begin to gain insights into their behaviors and shift them accordingly.