Designed in collaboration with Julia Plevin and Heath Wagoner.


Tuesday (Since 1963) is the final concept delivered at the end of an eleven-week design research process. It is a new way for singles born before 1963 to date. From bars and restaurants to art classes and exercise classes, older singles can decide what they want to do and where they want to go any given Tuesday. Any business can participate by signing up online and adding a logo to their front window. There’s no need to RSVP. It’s like Yelp meets Meetup for dating after 50.

A key feature of Tuesday is the gold pin that members are encouraged to wear to events to recognize each other. The stylish pin serves as anti-wedding ring and is a piece of jewelry that both men and women can comfortably wear. Another aspect of the pin is that once a member puts it on a bag or jacket, they may decide to keep it on as they go about their daily life -- sparking word of mouth marketing and extending Tuesday’s ethos to other days and locations. Tuesday has clear value for the user as well as businesses. For users, it creates a new routine and for businesses, it helps bring in new clients on a slow night.

The brief for this product was to redesign dating among older singles. This is an especially important issue because divorce rates among couples over 50 have doubled in the past 20 years and one out of three baby boomers are unmarried. As poverty rates are five times higher among unmarried boomers than their married counterparts, unmarried boomers are especially vulnerable to the vagaries surround aging (Bowling Green State University, 2010).

The process began with research and interviews with ten people, including a dating coach, a professor of courtship and marriage, a recent divorcee, and a single boomer event organizer. After synthesizing the observations into key insights and design opportunities, a couple of the opportunities were combined to create Tuesday. 

Tuesday is based on the insights that older singles have accepted  online dating as a means to find someone, but they find it to be unnatural and that women go to singles events to seek men, but men don’t seek singles events. 

The concept was prototyped through a mock-up user journey and tested with potential users and businesses to gain their feedback. With overwhelmingly positive feedback, including one business owner who was so excited about the idea that he went ahead and put a Tuesday sticker on the door of his Italian restaurant, the concept for Tuesday is ready to be piloted.